Legal Tracker What Why and to Whom


Simple, easy and a modern way of managing your assignments and billable hours.


The users of Legal Tracker have reported an increase of 40% in the amount of assingments per month.


Would you like to increase your billing and revenue as well?



The legal sector is changing rapidly. Digitalization gives a competitive advantage to those who know how to benefit from it.


Want more billing for your business?

Would you like to benefit from new and more productive working methods?

What is your digital strategy?


Life becomes easier when the right tools enhance and support work.

Legal Tracker takes care of your hourly logs and finds the information you are looking for. You do not have to spend your time searching for information manually. New ways of doing business provide more billing, revenue, and reporting.


To law firms, In-House law departments and other organizations providing legal services.


Legal Tracker is ideal for companies of all sizes because of its unique ability for customization. You can choose what kinds of modules you want to include in your own Legal Tracker based on the needs of your organization. The modules enable you to provide customized functionalities for different user profiles or groups.