Legal Tracker Assignments


Legal Tracker Assignments


Legal Tracker is simple and easy to use in the process of managing your assignments and commisions.

With just one assignment view, you are able to see all the relevant information regarding the assignment; billing, activities and different parties concerned. Based on your preferences, you may define which information is gathered and shown to others.

Create different types of assignments, to do-lists, files, and deadlines directly to Legal Tracker Document Management Solution.

Legal tracker monitors the status of assignments in real time. Define assignment-specific triggers; for example, when 90% of the specified budget is exceeded, an email will be sent to a particular person.

Activities have been developed to help organize work and time management. Activities include tasks, meetings, calls, and emails. You are able to easily create, track, assign, and complete activities through both your browser and mobile. Include your team or the whole organization in these activities and see when they have been started and completed.

In Legal Tracker, you can create assignment types by predefined activities. The activities completed in Outlook  (emails, meetings) are easily attached to Legal Tracker's assignment or client, being visible to others. Completed activities can automatically be turned into a billed activity, so there is no need to re-register or copy information from one place to another.

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